Mini Family Session near Joondalup

Milestone Session for babies under 1 year

For a photographer, babies can be hard work sometimes. Early on, when they first start to smile, they almost smile at anybody’s friendly face. But then they learn to distinguish between familiar faces and strange faces. By the time they are 6 months old, they are already pretty clued in. As a photographer it becomes quite hard to make them smile to the camera. Parents have to try their best to tickle, interact with them and distract them from a strange situation. This little boy was no different. But what I love about sessions like that is that the emphasis is on the interaction between parents and child. Set in a gorgeous, natural environment near Joondalup, this mini family session was such a pleasure to photograph. My Milestone Session allowed for 30-45 minutes and we easily got all the shots done in that time. Which is just as well, because after that period, the novelty wears off, baby becomes tired, hungry or ready for something else. Perfect timing really. For more information please click here: Milestone Mini Session