Mini Newborn Session – Family of five

Mini Newborn Session – “Short & Sweet” at it’s best

Organising a mini newborn session when you already have two toddlers can be very hard indeed. My advice is always to do the family photographs first and then ask Dad to take the older kids home. This way, mum and I can focus on the newborn baby and give him or her all the attention required to get lovely shots. However, family photographs of all of them are so important. This little family’s middle daughter really didn’t want to the do the shoot. Mum told me later that Chloe hadn’t slept well and didn’t want to put on a dress. She had a feeling this could be tricky. The family photos still worked and I had a few to choose from but the ones with just the kids were more tricky. In the end, I had to use photoshop to create a composite photo to get the little girl in. It’s hard for little ones – she had been the baby in the family and now there was another little one. For more information on my affordable Short & Sweet Packages, please click here: Mini Sessions

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