Stunning family outdoor shoot with little Ambra – 3 months

Welcome Ambra

This little family had received a voucher for a “Short & Sweet” package for the arrival of their little daughter. However, another friend had the same idea and so they got newborn photographs elsewhere. Mum asked me whether it would be okay to do an outdoor shoot when her mother and sister from Italy were visiting.  Of course I was more than happy for her to change the voucher to a family outdoor shoot.

Unfortunately, it was a bit chilly that evening. I had hoped for warmer weather so that little could kick her bare legs on a blanket. But it was much better keeping her wrapped up in a shawl.  At 3 months old, Ambra was awake all the time watching the leaves move and mum & dad trying to make her smile. She was a bit hungry too, so we also topped her up with an extra bottle of milk.

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